Is 1st Ade for Technology, First Aid, First Ade, 1st Aid a good domain name?

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The short answer in this day and age is no.

When it comes to choosing a domain name think about how people will search for it on the web. Take our company name for instance 1st Ade how do people type it?
1st aid
First aid
1st ade
First ade

I’m sure there are more but you get the idea. It’s a clever pun (my name is Ade) and the 1st often gets us first in directories but it does confuse if you try and find us in google!

Another thing to consider when choosing your domain is the power it has. Get what you are and where you do it into your domain and it floats to the top despite what you might hear from SEO gurus. If you are going to just bang it up with no SEO at all and you want to be found for searches like computer support help virus and consultancy in Acton, Chiswick, Barnes, Ealing and West London and Chiswick.

Then having
Or Ealing-Computers-consultancy

In you domain might help quite a lot.

Or you could choose a name like our company and then try a post like this you never know it might work just as well!

Lets not even touch on the technology bit in the name yes it should be Computers as this is our core bussiness but we think Technology conveys more about what we are about.